Your Curves

Girls ask for them, boys adore them.
I want: Bigger boobs, smaller waist, thicker thighs, cuter face,
People fall for the exterior, flexing on Instagram 
Likes got shawties feeling superior
When did our generation become curse with loving the outside?
You were gorgeous in college, got married, put on weight 
He left you .. you’re surpised?
It’s hard to decipher who loves you and who wants in you
They come for the body, but stay for the personality

I’m done.


Fuck this shit.

I am done


I am done with the following…

i am done having my own little pity party

I am done crying over stupid stuff

I am done crying over you

I am done with being your friend

I am done with hooking up with you only to have you stop talking to me for weeks

I am done with you

I am done with her

I am done with all of you



I just feel so done right now. Like, the feeling of doneness is taking over me.

Feeling done-uous.
Currently done-ing.

I’m done.
You’re done.
The study of doneness is what I’m majoring in right now.

I can’t even - DONE.

Sanity vs. Love

I love you but love its self drives me insane
Tired of still having to play this game
You find someone then its who can hurt who first
Falling in love just makes the outcome worst
For someone who tries and tries and still love sits there and laughs 
Failed attempt each more detrimental than the last. 
You get a spark of hope and with everything you grasp
There’s a new person inside you learning how to love
Your teacher is looking down at you as you climb towards them above
Past experiences and baggage try to weigh you down
But you’re looking to end this game your turn to laugh now
And while you’re hanging on with all your might
The old you found the new you, sparks an internal fight
You’re being pulled and pushed in different directions
You’re loosing your mind and grip on something you know is perfection
You see your self moving in the opposite direction
Falling instead of climbing, crying instead of trying 
As the battle has reached the end you find yourself alone
Nobody to teach you how to love, you’re all alone 
Back to where you started, back at square one
Love continues to laugh, it realizes it has won